girls v. boys


When I had Andrew, everyone who had a boy, or who had both boys and girls told me, “boys are SO different from girls,” “he will be so different from your girls,” etc.  Okay.  I figured he probably would be since he is a BOY and they are GIRLS.  Honestly, though, there haven’t been that many very obvious differences…Andrew’s temperament is very similar to Samantha’s as a baby.  They were both calm, easy, and good sleepers.  Andrew loves books like Caitlyn and is a great eater like she was as a baby as well.  How is he different?  He climbs.  The girls did not.  He loves the vacuum cleaner {yes, even when it’s on}, the girls did not.  Andrew likes men.  The girls {as babies} did not.  I don’t know if those few things make him SO different from my girls, but we will see what the years to come bring…

Just for fun, I compared the three little ones as babies.  I didn’t notice as many girl-boy differences as I did just differences between different kids.  It is amazing how different three kids from the same parents can be!!

Samantha, Caitlyn, & Andrew from Birth to 12 Months

Samantha Caitlyn Andrew
Temperament {birth – 12 months} Calm, easy, quiet, happy, sweet Cried A LOT, difficult, inconsolable, sweet, cuddly, funny Calm, easy, happy, content, quiet, cuddly, sweet
 Appetite  Big appetite, but picky  Huge appetite, ate anything  Huge appetite, ate anything
 Sleep  Napped well, went to sleep easily, slept through the night at 13 months  Did not nap until about 6 months old, difficult to get to sleep, slept through the night off an on from an early age  Fantastic napper, went to sleep easily, slept through the night consistently at 12 months
 Likes  Animals, playing with her toys  Books, going on walks, animals, playing with toys  Books, going on walks, playing with toys, the vacuum cleaner, the dishwasher
 Dislikes  Loud noises { the vacuum}, men, green foods  Loud noises {the vacuum}, unfamiliar men  Leaving mommy at daycare
 Walked  13 months  15 months  Still waiting for it!
 Talked  Early – MANY words by 12 months  Early – MANY words by 12 months  Not much – about 5 words by 12 months
 Climber?  No  No Yes


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