first {real} haircut

I don’t know if anyone else has kids whose hair grows in completely normally when they are babies, but my kids’ hair does NOT.  Samantha had these two strands of hair behind her ears that grew about twenty times faster than any of her other hair.  I had to cut them about four times before she was ever ready for a “real” haircut.

This is before I cut Samantha’s funny little “tails” for the first time

Poor Caitlyn, who was born with a TON of hair, had the baby mullet thing going on very early and I cut that myself about two or three times before she was ever ready for her “first” haircut.

This picture really does not do her baby mullet justice, but it is the best picture I could find

Then there’s Andrew who had a combination of both.  Poor little guy would have looked so funny had I not cut his hair twice before now.  This week though, I finally had it.  His hair was a crazy long mess, so we went in for the first haircut.  He is far younger than either of the girls were for their first haircuts, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  Would he even sit still long enough to get anything cut at all?

Like usual with Andrew, I shouldn’t have worried.  I brought him to the same salon I got my first haircut in as a little girl and he was happy as a clam.  He sat in my lap, munched on a little cookie from the hairdresser, and then played with a fun toy.  He got to wear an awesome little leopard cover-up and everything.





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