i made it! {one of my proudest first year accomplishments}

andrew – february 2013
image (2)b
andrew – february 2014

I never thought I would make it.  Not in a million years.  I made it a full year while pumping at work.  Today is the day I say goodbye to my Avent double pump.  It was my goal with No. 3 to make it 12 months using breast milk only {not having to switch to formula at some point}.  I completely FAILED at expressing milk while at work with No. 2.  I would sit and try to relax, sit and look at pictures of my baby, but nothing would happen.  I mean nothing.  Like 0-1 ounce in 15-20 minutes!!  It wasn’t that my supply was low…it wasn’t.  At home I could pump 6-8 ounces on a side in ten minutes!  At work I just felt awkward.  I wasn’t comfortable, the blinds on my windows didn’t close all the way, and even though I would lock my door, I had people unlock it and walk in without knocking!  Fortunately there was summer vacation in there, and then I started a new part time job, so the pumping was less of an issue.  For some reason though, around ten months, my supply simply disappeared.  One day I had plenty of milk, and then it was gone.  Completely.  When I decided this time that I was going to make it the full 12 months using breast milk only and no formula, I honestly didn’t believe that it was possible.  But it was, and is.

I made it, even though I had to pump two to three times a day, locked in my classroom, sitting at my desk.

I did it, even though two nasty bouts with the stomach flu almost completely killed my supply.

I made it, even though it often meant pumping and breastfeeding at the same time in the morning before I left for work.

I did it, even though on the days I only managed to pump one to two ounces at a time I would have to wake up at night to pump just to get enough milk to send to daycare with Andrew.

What an experience!  I have to say that I am kind of sad to be putting away the pump {although not sad enough to keep it out! 😉 }.  Any mamas out there who also made the decision to pump while working full time can empathize.  It’s not an easy thing to do, but it is something I felt was important for my baby.



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