andrew’s first year

Andrew’s first birthday is tomorrow.  As quickly as my pregnancy with him went, this first year seemed to go even faster.  A year ago today I was beginning my maternity leave, hoping he would hold on just a little longer so I could “relax” a little before he came.  A year ago today I had no idea what my baby boy would look like or what his personality would be like.  Now here I am with an adorable, sweet, loving little guy and I couldn’t be more thankful.  I wanted to take some time to write down some of my favorite {and even some of my least favorite!} moments from my first year with Andrew.


Proudest moment: Giving birth to Andrew naturally.  As crazy as it sounds, I gave birth to all three of my babies without pain medication during labor and delivery.  I was absolutely the most nervous going into Andrew’s labor although I knew in all probability that his labor and delivery would be shorter than my previous two.  I knew the kind of pain I was in for and it made me nervous.  I think that no matter how many children you have, whether you have a scheduled C-section or a completely natural birth, there will always be nerves about the labor and delivery process.  My labor and delivery with Andrew went beautifully, though, and I was so thankful I made the choices I did regarding this experience.  Lord knows this path isn’t for everyone, but I am proud that I was able to deliver my baby without any medication {read more about why I chose to do so, here}.

Funniest moment:  Day two or three home from the hospital.  I am changing Andrew’s diaper in the middle of the night, in the dark, at the foot of my bed.  Suddenly, out of no where, just as I lift his legs to wipe, shoots out the loudest, biggest poop I’ve ever seen a newborn produce.  And when I say “shoots out” I literally mean that it shot out.  All over me.  On my face.  In my hair.  All over my shirt.  Eric shot up.  “Did he just do what I think he did?”  “Yes!”  I shrieked.  “I don’t even know what to do!”  Then we were both laughing hysterically {the only thing we really could do} and took the next ten minutes cleaning EVERYTHING.  I’ll never forget it.

Most difficult moment:  If we were talking about Caitlyn, this one would be easy, but since we’re talking about Andrew, it’s a little more difficult.  I honestly think my most difficult moment with Andrew so far was our second night in the hospital.  Normally Eric spends each night in the hospital with me.  He has to sleep on that really uncomfortable chair that converts into a “bed.”  Since it was our third go round, I figured I would rather have a happy, rested husband as we headed for home, so I gave him my blessing to spend the night at home.  My wonderful nurse offered to take Andrew to the nursery for the night so I could sleep between 9pm and 6am since I had been up the entire night before delivering Andrew.  As luck would have it, the power started going out around 8pm.  It would go out, the doors to the entire floor would loudly slam shut, then the generator would kick on and the door would open again and the lights would return.  The power went off and on ALL NIGHT LONG because Edison picked THAT night to work on the power in our city.  GREAT.  Because of the power outages, my nurse was not allowed to take Andrew to the nursery.  Because the power outages caused the doors to slam shut every hour or so, Andrew didn’t sleep.  Because Andrew didn’t sleep, neither did I.  When I look back, this seems like nothing, but to a tired, hormonal new mommy, it was terrible!  I am thankful beyond thankful that that was as bad as it got.

Sweetest Moments:  Honestly, I can’t come up with one, which is why my sweetest memories of this year are of Andrew and his two sisters.  The girls love Andrew more than I ever could have hoped.  I sense no jealousy from them, no feelings of resentment.  They have pure love for their baby brother and show it in the way they treat him, talk about him, and offer to help with him…in the hugs and squeezes they give him, the kisses the cover him with, and the time they spend playing with him.  Just the other day we did a huge trip to Target.  I had about five or six trips to make into the house and without my asking, Samantha and Caitlyn said, “we’ll stay with Andrew and watch him for you, Mommy.”  It melted my heart.



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Favorite moments:  the moment I held him for the first time, being home the day Andrew learned to crawl, dancing around the kitchen with Andrew while he laughed hysterically as we clapped and spun around, watching Andrew stand for the first time, Andrew falling asleep on my chest, kissing Andrew’s cheeks, carry Andrew around in the Moby wrap, Andrew’s laugh…


Happy birthday eve to my sweet baby boy!

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