Making apple sauce reminds me of my grandmother.  She always had fresh, homemade applesauce in her refrigerator.  To this day, my mom makes applesauce for my grandfather every time we visit him.  Honestly, I was never much of a fan.  I found the store bought stuff just fine, thank you…Then I decided to make all of Andrew’s food from scratch with fresh ingredients.  I quickly discovered that apples were not only one of his favorites, but one of the absolute easiest foods to make.  There are many different ways to make applesauce, but I use a simple, old-fashioned method each Sunday when I make the new applesauce for the week.  My secret: a foley mill.


I LOVE this thing.  It’s old {it was my grandmother’s}, but it is fabulous!  I also don’t measure anything, don’t peel or core the apples, and use a pressure cooker {which makes the cook time go by very quickly}.  Quick.  Easy.  Delicious.

Here’s what you need…

::knife or apple slicer::

::pressure cooker::

::foley mill::

::large bowl::


::apples {I use gala or fuji since they are sweet enough so I don’t have to add sugar}::


Here’s what you do…

{1} wash and slice apples

{2} place apples {seeds, stems, core, peel, & all!} in pressure cooker with about an inch or two of water

{3} cook over medium-high head until the pressure cooker jiggles, then cook 9 more minutes

{4} remove from head and run pressure cooker under cold water until pressure is released

{5} drain excess water

{6} place foley mill over large bowl and pour apples into the foley mill

{7} turn until only peel, seeds, and stem remain

{8} refrigerate or freeze applesauce

::I have also added cinnamon or other fruits such as pears, bananas, and blueberries to my applesauce.  You can also add sugar if you like yours to be a little sweeter::



Happy applesauce making!



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