mr. personality

I feel like both of my girls had so much personality right from the start.  Caitlyn especially.  She was as a baby, and still is, hilarious.  The faces she makes, the things she says…she constantly cracks me up and melts my heart.  My earliest memories of Samantha’s personality were her animals noises.  I should have known right then and there how much she would love animals!  I think they started around a year old, maybe a little older.  She loved the book “Big Red Barn” and would make the noises for cow and duck and horse, and then later even added a monster noise to her repertoire.  Both girls talked very early, I think between 10 and 11 months each.  Their language took off very quickly.  I remember a conversation at Caitlyn’s 15 month doctor appointment like it was yesterday:

Doctor {as she’s going through her checklist of developmental milestones}: “She says 3-5 words?”

Me (laughing): “Yes, she says over 75 words.” {which I knew because I am crazy and kept track of all the words she said until she got to way over 200 words around 18 months and I simply couldn’t keep track anymore}

Doctor: “Wow!  Well, I guess it’s safe to say that she’s doing okay in that area!”

Andrew, on the other hand,  has been a whole different story.  For the past 11 months he’s been more of an observer.  He would only give out smiles when you really worked for them. It’s felt like he has been quietly watching and soaking everything in.  He’s quieter than the girls were: he does far less babbling and noise making of every kind.  He has been my serious little guy.  Then sometime in the past week or so things have changed.  Not only after recently learning to stand did he figure out how to climb the stairs in our home {yikes!}, but he also developed this hilarious personality.  He does this cute little hoarse whispering talk and points at things like he is really telling you a story about them.  He scrunches up his nose and gives out hilarious smiles.  I had him laughing hysterically the other night as I clapped along to a song while holding him and dancing around our kitchen.  It was probably my happiest and most heartwarming moment with him so far.  Smiles aren’t only reserved for mommy and daddy anymore.  He gives them out freely, waves, and reaches out to be picked up by people.  It’s as if, after almost a year of observing, he’s ready to interact and have fun with the people around him.  Still not a word, but with two TALKERS in the house already, I’ll enjoy my time with Andrew as my silent little buddy with his fun, new personality.

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