five minute friday {encouragement}

I am once again linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker and her “Five Minute Friday” prompt.  The word of the week:



Encouragement.  I feel like I’ve needed a lot of that this year.  It’s the first time I have ever worked full time with a baby in his first year at home.  It has been very difficult.  The kind of difficult where, in the beginning, you cry on your way to work more often than not.  The kind of difficult where you struggle to keep that positive attitude for your students at work, for your children at home, for yourself even.  Amazingly, wonderfully, I did find encouragement this year everywhere I looked.  Encouragement came to me in my baby’s smile as I picked him up each day, as if he was saying, “see Mom, I’m okay.  You can do it!”  Encouragement came to me in the Word.  As I read God’s wonderful words each morning and night, verses would show themselves to me that spoke directly to my heart and helped me to continue on.  Encouragement came to me in co-workers, moms themselves, who never judged or told me not to feel the way I was feeling.  Their encouragement came in the form of listening, empathy, and understanding.  Encouragement came in the form of my husband who always asked me to think about the positive parts of my day.  Encouragement came from my parents who were there to support and listen and help take care of my three wonderful kids.  Yes, I found encouragement in a lot of places.  Even in the quiet, I found that God filled my heart with peace this year.  It was as if he was telling me that I am where I am supposed to be right now and that I will make it through.  It is amazing how you can find such hope and peace and encouragement when you least expect it.


Five Minute Friday


One thought on “five minute friday {encouragement}

  1. I’m stopping by from FMF and thankful I did. It’s encouragement to MY soul to hear how God encouraged your soul throughout a challenging experience so that you had the peace to keep doing what you knew was ahead. Thanks for sharing!


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