five minute friday {fight}

Today I’m teaming up with Lisa Jo Baker and her “Five Minute Friday” link-up party.  For over a year I have wanted to do this, and am finally trying it out!  I am going to write for five minutes.  No editing, no planning, just writing.

The topic this week: Fight.


When I hear the word fight, USC’s motto, “Fight On” immediate comes to mind.  I grew up a Trojan and went to college at USC.  Live and breathe USC football each fall.  I think it’s normal that the words “fight on” would immediately come to mind.  I do, however, think those two words carry a great deal of meaning.  I feel like I am fighting on each day.  I fight to get out the door in the morning while staying relaxed and trying to enjoy the few precious moments I get with my kids.  I fight back tears on my way to work because I often wish I could just stay home with my babies.  I fight to keep a smile on my face as students test me throughout the day and I’d rather just yell and scream and cry.  I fight the urge to pick up fast food on the way home and instead cook a homemade and healthy dinner for my family.  I fight off the yawns as bedtime nears so that I can read my kids just one more bed time story.  I fight the urge to simply curl up and go to sleep so that instead I can prep lunches, outfits, and spend at least a few relaxing minutes with my husband before we both fall asleep for the night.  I fight each morning to be thankful for the day instead of counting down the days until the next weekend.  I fight on, each and every day to live the way the Lord wants, to live a good, happy life.  I want my kids to be happy.  I want to be happy.  I often feel like I have to work toward that.  My kids are worth it, though.  I’ll fight on every day to do the best I possibly can for them.


Five Minute Friday


3 thoughts on “five minute friday {fight}

  1. Welcome to Five Minute Fridays- glad you’ve been able to give it a shot! I totally relate to the feeling that every day can be a fight at times. At least we don’t have to fight by ourselves- I’m reminded of 2 Corinthians 12 v 9 and God’s words to Paul- “My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness. Keep fighting on!


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