our home at Christmas

I absolutely love Christmas.  This time of year can be completely hectic and overwhelming, but in it I also find great peace, hope, and joy.  I love to clean, reorganize, and decorate, so the Christmas season and all of its festivities give me great reason to do all three!  Maybe it is the fact that there were only about three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, or maybe it’s because I now have three kids {and therefore three times the laundry, three times the number of activities, three times the amount of food I have to make…}, or maybe it’s my full time job, but whatever the reason, I am very, very behind this year.  We decorated the house later than normal, my Christmas cards just went out on Saturday, I am finally going to make Christmas cookies with my kids today, I am still waiting for presents to arrive, and therefore still have presents to wrap {something I usually have done over Thanksgiving weekend!}…My hope this year was to document every detail of Christmas since it will most likely be the last “first Christmas” I get with one of my babies.  Well, I guess I’ll follow this years’ trend, and start my documentation late too!

My hope at Christmas time is to make our home a warm, fun, and loving place with touches of Christmas all around.  I didn’t go overboard this year, but added enough touches throughout the house to make it feel like Christmas.

Christmas tree

{our Noble Fir decorated with our ornament collection that grows each year}

Christmas Advent calendar

{our adorable felt Advent calendar that my husband received as a gift when he was younger}

Christmas Books - Andrew

{Around the house I like to place baskets of books from our collection of over 50 Christmas books}

Christmas cards

{I like to set keep all the Christmas cards we get so that I can enjoy them all month long}

Christmas chalkboard

{I changed my chalkboard throughout the month to show different Christmas messages}

Christmas corner

{I traded out our normal blue pillows for my collection of Christmas pillows}

Christmas house

{Tiny Christmas touches here and there are my favorite}

Christmas jars

{Cranberries in Mason Jars and a little Scandinavian girl adorn our dinning room table}

Christmas kitchen

{I love my Christmas cookbooks and bowls!}

Christmas pillows

{Some more Christmas pillows and an angel}

Christmas Snowman

{Antique Christmas ornaments and a glittery snowman sit atop a side table in our living room}

There is more to see {stockings, nativity scene, Snow Village, front porch, etc.}, but we will see if I have time to photograph and add it all later.  I may have to save it for next year!

Lots of Love Christmas Blessings!


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