gender reveal party {black & orange}

gender reveal + halloween time = a great party theme

Sometime between the time I had my second daughter and when I got pregnant with my son, gender reveal parties became extremely popular.  Not wanting to miss out on a chance to throw a party, I decided to host a gender reveal party for baby No. 3.

Gender reveal party

I decided on an orange & black/pumpkin/Halloween theme.  After first consulting Pinterest {check out my gender reveal + halloween board!}, I purchased pumpkins of all sizes, black & orange ribbon, and sunflowers.  I completed a few fun and simple DIY projects {tutorials to follow!}, came up with a yummy menu, and I was ready to go!


I tied black and orange ribbon to everything {pumpkin stems, mason jars, etc.} to add some color and fun.

I used black “puffy paint” to decorate some of the larger pumpkins {thank you Think Crafts! for the great idea!} with simple dots in swirl patterns.

I mounted one of our 20 – week ultrasound photos on orange paper.

I baked some yummy cream cheese sugar cookies {recipe here!} and frosted them in orange and white frosting, writing “girl” on some and “boy” on others.

My mom baked a delicious pumpkin shaped pumpkin cake.

My daughters helped me cover glass jars in orange and white tissue paper to turn them into ghost and pumpkin candle holders.  See my tutorial {here}!

I researched old wives tales about pregnancy to see which ones were true about my pregnancy.  I wrote all my answers out and framed them for display at the party.  The answers in cursive meant I should be having a boy – the answers in print meant I should be pregnant with a girl.  Surprisingly, most of them turned out to be accurate!


I set up my small kitchen bulletin board like a “voting booth” and had each guest pin up a tag for their guess.


For the big reveal I wrapped a baby outfit and had my daughters open the present.  When they pulled out a blue outfit, everyone knew it was a boy!

 IMG_2528          DSC_0624a

Did you host a gender reveal party?  What was your theme?




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