5 month update & favorites {andrew}

Saturday, June 20, 2013 was my little guy’s 5 month birthday and I just can’t stop saying it: I cannot believe how quickly time is flying by!  I am enjoying my little boy more than I can express.  He is such a happy and sweet baby and he just fills my heart with joy.

Age: 5 months on July 20, 2013

Weight: 19 pounds 4 ounces (92nd percentile)       Height: 28 inches (98th percentile)


Sleeps: about 8pm – 2am & 2:15am-7am {after a brief period where he woke up 3-6 times a night – yikes!}

Naps: three hours each morning {9:30-12:30} and one hour each afternoon {around 2:30}

Eats: nurses about every three -four hours, eats rice cereal in the morning, & homemade baby food for dinner {so far we have tried peas, yellow squash, & apples, but have about 15 other purees homemade, frozen, and ready to try!}

Loves: chewing on everything including his fingers & his Aden + Anais blankets, playing with balls, playing with his Pottery Barn elephant rattles, floating around in the pool, going on walks, being outside, laughing with his big sisters, snuggling, his play mat, rolling everywhere {front to back & back to front…even in his sleep, which of course wakes him up!}, babbling back and forth with mommy and daddy, laughing, watching the mobile in his swing, playing in his saucer, sitting in his highchair

Favorites {baby’s & mommy’s}:

5 month baby favorites

{{ Aden+Anais Swaddlers {used as a blankie & to chew on!} // Pottery Barn Kids Plush Elephant Rattle // Gerber Graduates Rest Easy Spoons {mommy’s favorite – because of the squred shape of the spoon} // Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Delux Musical Mobile Gym }}

No longer: swaddles at night, uses a pacifier

Wears: 9 month and 12 month clothes {getting closer to only 12 month clothes} and size 3 diapers {nearing in on size 4}

Looking forward to: sitting up unassisted {we’re almost there}, ditching the infant car seat carrier {mommy’s back can’t take it anymore!}

I wonder what month 6 will bring?



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