OWLstanding behvior clip chart {printable}

As promised, I got to work putting together my “OWLstanding Behavior” clip chart, and I would love to share the progress with you!  While it is not completely assembled, nor is it hanging in my classroom yet, it is coming together nicely…

owl chart1

owl chart2

owl chart3

I think I might mount each card on paper…

I still need to attach all cards with ribbon or yarn…

I need to get the clips for each student ready {each day every child will begin with his or her clip attached to the green “ready to learn” card and will either move up or down throughout the day based on behavior}…

the whole thing will be mounted on a low bulletin board so that students can move their clips throughout the day…

Like I said, it’s still a work-in-progress!!

If you would like to print out the text for your own use, please do!

download pdf here button

{or visit teachers pay teachers to purchase the owl-themed behavior chart that was my inspiration}



2 thoughts on “OWLstanding behvior clip chart {printable}

  1. I absolutely love the owl discipline chart. Very cute way to turn around the original color chart. And I love your saying about Jesus! Love this!!! I was wondering if you could tell me though what that last square says about parent contact?


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