finding the humor in life after pregnancy

Picture 426
{39 weeks pregnant with No. 3}

I am the first person to talk about how much I love being a mom, loved being pregnant, enjoyed the labor and delivery process, and would go through it all again and again and again for the beautiful little bundle I am blessed with in the end.  Talking about all of the things I love about this process make me feel happy, so why would I want to talk about the things that I don’t love so much?  Well, I’ve decided to be very truthful about dealing with your body after pregnancy {this is the one part of this whole baby-making process I can say I struggle with}.  Now, I must emphasize that I am NOT talking about the baby.  I am talking about the changes your body goes through after having a baby…you mamas out there can probably relate to at least one of the following…

The con: even after you deliver, you might still look pregnant for awhile.  Forget about fitting back into those pre-pregnancy clothes.  It will be maternity clothes for a little while longer for most of us.  Remember, it takes nine months to get as big as you did, so don’t expect to go back to your normal size in just a day or two!

The pro:  even after you deliver, you might still look pregnant for awhile.  Hey, at least you still look pregnant!  I suppose it’s better than simply looking like you put on some weight.  Plus, if you loved your pregnant body, it’s kind of like you get to enjoy it a little longer, right? 😉

The con: you might be very, very thirsty for awhile right when you get home {at least I was!}

The pro: hey, drinking lots of water is good for you!

The con: you may be starving for the first few days.  Maybe it’s just me…but I think I was starving because I couldn’t eat much at a time during those last weeks of pregnancy since the baby was taking up any and all extra room!

The pro: you get to EAT!  Especially if you’re nursing, the extra calories are good for you.

The con: at some point you’re going to loose a lot of hair.  A LOT.  Like you’ll be able to pull a huge handful of hair out of your brush every day.  At least.

The pro: maybe it’s time to try out a new haircut!

The con: your stomach will probably never look the same.

The pro: time for a cute one piece bathing suit!  I guess this is a positive thing?

Time to embrace and love the new me.  After all, these changes happened for a very, very good reason…




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