traveling with a baby {road trip edition}

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{road trip edition}

It’s a lot of work to go anywhere with a baby.  Just to get out the door on a regular day takes a lot of effort, so you can imagine how exhausting it is to go on a “vacation” with a baby.  Without your husband.  In a car with seven seats…With seven people…

Do I have great tips and advice for you that will make a six hour drive with a baby easy?  Sorry, but no, not really.  The only real advice I can really give is this: have a positive attitude, and keep that positive attitude.  No.  Matter.  What.  Did I mention my eight-year-old and three-year-old were in the car too?

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In preparation for this trip, I kept three main questions in mind for the car trip: what if the kids got hungry? bored? tired?  I approached my packing and planning with these categories…

snacks shows  snoozes

car ride {snacks} for baby…

He’s still easy at this point.  I made sure to nurse and feed the little guy his rice cereal at our breakfast stop and nursed again at our stop for gas.  No snacks necessary!  I made sure to bring my nursing cover and a small bag with the cereal essentials: a bowl with a lid so I could pre-measure the rice cereal, a spoon, and a bib.  When we were done, everything went back into the little bag to be washed once we got to our destination.

car ride {snacks} for older kids…

I made sure to pack easy to eat snacks for the girls including those great little “apple crusher” packs from Trader Joe’s {also found at Target or any grocery store}, fruit snacks, & their favorite little bunny crackers.  I also made sure to pack small little bottles of water labeled with their initials.  All the snacks went into a small bag packed on top of the girls’ “carry-on” bag for easy and quick access!

car ride {shows} for older kids…

Obviously not necessary for the baby yet, but the girls have a dual screen DVD player {since our car does not have a built-in system}.  Overall, the girls are great about entertaining themselves on road trips, but it is nice to have a back-up for when they get too bored or antsy and start picking on one another.  I made sure to bring headphones so that they were able to watch different shows and so that the rest of us in the car could enjoy some peace and quiet.  We also got some peace when my brother bet the girls $5 each that they could not be quiet for 30 minutes.  Little No. 2 took the easy road and fell asleep while No. 1 surprisingly and amazingly sat there the entire 30 minutes without uttering a peep!

car ride {snoozes} for baby…

My little guy is a great napper by nature.  Usually we are at home, however, where he naps in his own room, in his own crib.  I was concerned that he would be uncomfortable in his car seat and not take his normal two to three hour morning nap.  I brought one of his cute Aden + Anais swaddlers to drape over his car seat {no, I don’t have one of those fancy infant seat covers, so I improvised!} to block out visual distractions once I saw he was getting tired.  I also intended to bring his cute travel-sized white noise giraffe {from PBK} for some extra comfort and sounds from home, but forgot it at home in the rush!  That’s it…those were my only ideas!  Did they work?  I don’t really know.  He only napped for about two out of the six hours we were in the car on the way there and about two on the way back as well.  At least he didn’t scream the whole way!

car ride {snoozes} for the girls…

The girls are old enough now, that if they are tired enough, they will fall asleep, even in a crowded car.  I let each of the girls bring one small stuffed animal and a pillow on the trip, so they kept them nearby while in the car.  We got up early to leave on the trip, so it wasn’t difficult for them to fall asleep!

packing a baby...

 While babies of different ages will need different “supplies” and your destination and the time of year will dictate the things you will need, here are some baby supplies I found essential for a summer vacation with my four-month-old little guy…

packing list for baby

 I guess the bottom line is that it will always be a lot of work traveling with kids, and especially traveling with a baby…but you also make many memories along the way!



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