woes of a new mommy { mastitis }

For some of you, this might be TMI.  If that’s the case, check back next week for my next post!  For others, however, I hope you can either relate to or learn something from my experiences this past week!

Have you every heard of mastitis?  I had, but even after three babies, had never experienced it…until this week.  Mastitis is a breast infection, and from what I understand, one can get mastitis from a clogged milk duct {which can occur as a result of a skipped or shortened nursing session, a tight bra, etc.}.  Lovely.  Or not.  What it is, is PAINFUL!

Now, I am not a medical professional by any means, but I did find some things to be helpful in coping with mastitis.  FIRST, I went to my doctor {I was extremely sore, very red, had the chills, and was running a low grade fever} to get his professional opinion and then applied his suggestions…

Apply heat before and during nursing and ice afterwards.

Take Advil or Motrin {better than Tylenol}.

REST.  In fact, even stay in bed {48 hours is the time-frame my doctor gave me}.

Drink LOTS of water.

NURSE as much as possible {or pump if nursing isn’t possible}.  The infection is not IN the milk, so nursing with mastitis will not harm the baby!

And, if your Dr. prescribes them, take antibiotics {mine did, so I am}.

{here is my happy little guy hanging out while I rest}

After 48 hours, I did indeed feel normal again.  No more fever, pain, or redness.  What a strange and painful thing to go through!  If you have ever had mastitis, how did you cope?



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