Last week I got to be a part of something special…

waiting collage

I had the privilege and honor of accompanying my sister to Camp Pendelton to welcome home her husband.  She hadn’t seen him in about six months as he had been serving with the Marines overseas on his second deployment.  I know I will never fully understand how she feels or gets through the long months without him, but attending a homecoming sure puts things in perspective!

I couldn’t believe how many tiny new babies were there waiting to meet their daddies for the first time.

There were nervous wives, anxious mothers, and excited friends.

I feel so blessed that there are so many men and women willing to sacrifice so much for our beautiful country, so that we get to keep our cherished freedom…




{he’s home!}




{meeting his nephew for the first time}

Homecoming was a beautiful day and I am honored to have been there!  Thank you to all the men and women who serve our country and sacrifice so much!



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