s’more bars {recipe}

Each Memorial Day I go camping with my family.  Before we go, I love making packing lists and going shopping for all of the food.  While camping, I love cooking in the beautiful outdoors and spending time with my family.  One of my favorite parts of camping is roasting marshmallows to use in delicious s’mores.  I love s’mores so much in fact, that when we got home last year I went on a search for some yummy s’more-like recipes.  I wanted to be able to satisfy my s’more craving even without the campfire and camping ambiance.  I turned to Pinterest {of course!} and before long, I came across this yummy looking picture…


Of course, I wanted to make these yummy looking treats right away.  While pulling out all of the ingredients, I came across two problems.  1} I did not have king sized chocolate bars like the recipe called for and 2} I did not have marshmallow creme.  I did, of course, have a bag of milk chocolate chips and a bag of marshmallows.  I figured I could melt the marshmallows and add butter just like you do when making marshmallow and cereal treats.  Well, I made the recipe with the chocolate chip and marshmallow alterations, and success!  The bars were DELICIOUS!

The next time around, I made the recipe with the chocolate bars and marshmallow creme, and {in my opinion} it just wasn’t the same!  I didn’t like the taste of the chocolate bars as much as the chocolate chips and the bars were gooier and more difficult to cut.  Either way, I got my s’more fix, but I really liked my accidental recipe better!

Here is my version of the s’more bar if you are interested in trying this yummy sweet treat…

s'more bars




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