baby must-haves for the first year {part III} feeding time

Let’s face it…babies do A LOT of eating during the first year.  Here are some products I LOVE and you might too!

 for feeding time[pinit]

{boppy} The Boppy is one of my favorite baby products ever!  It is perfect for the nursing mom to help hold baby, but can also be used for baby alone.

{brest friend} An alternative to the Boppy, the Brest Friend can strap on, giving a nursing mom the ability to get baby to a more appropriate height than with other nursing pillows.

{lanolin} With all of my kids I found Lanolin {gives relief to tender or dry nipples as a result of breastfeeding} absolutely necessary and very helpful!  By the time I had No. 3, I knew I needed to start using it before the baby was born, and continued to use it for the first six to eight weeks after baby was born.  After that, I really did not need it much, but Lanolin helped make the first couple breastfeeding months much more comfortable than they would have been otherwise!  I prefer Medela Tender Care Lanolin.

{pump} I love having my own breast pump because it makes it possible for baby to continue to get my milk even if I go out for the evening and when I return to work.  I personally have the Avent Double Electric Breast Pump {for home and work} and the Avent Manual Breast Pump {for when I am on the go}, but have heard nothing but wonderful things about the Medela pumps.  Whichever pump you choose, I hope you find it as useful as I have!

{bottles} Just as with pacifiers, each bottle is different and each baby will have a different preference!  With babies No. 1 and No. 3 I used Avent Natural bottles {I could pump right into them using my breast pump}, but No. 2 was a little, no,  A LOT more difficult.  I think I tried five or six different bottles until someone recommended the Nuk {she said it was the bottle that her picky baby preferred}.  I would recommend holding off on registering for a whole supply of bottles before your baby is born just in case you get a picky little one like my No. 2!

{nursing cover} I use the Balboa Baby Nursing Cover so I have privacy when I need to feed my little one in public.  It is easy to put on and has a reinforced neckline so that I can see my baby while I nurse.

{bibs} When all baby does is drink milk, I love the Aden + Anais snap bibs.  They are big, soft, and absolutely adorable!  Once the little one gets bigger, I look for large bibs that will cover as much of the front of baby as possible and are easy to wipe down after each meal.

{high chair} This third time around I ditched my old plastic high chair that had lots of grooves and spaces for food to get stuck {yuck!} and went with the Eddie Bauer high chair.  I love that it is wood {it looks a lot nicer out in my kitchen!} and still has a washable tray and seat cover.

{disposable placemats} Fantastic little invention for eating out!  Not only do these disposable placemats simply stick to any table top {and remove easily to throw away}, they provide some entertainment while at a restaurant {my babies liked to look at the colorful pictures and point out things they recognized}.


Check back tomorrow for my final list of baby favorites…products for when you’re on the go!




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