baby must-haves for the first year {part II} baby

Here are some more of my favorite baby must-haves for the first year…things that are specifically for baby!

for baby[pinit]

{swing} We love, love, love our Snug a Bunny Cradle and Swing and so have our babies!  Not only does it swing back and forth, but it also swings side to side.  It plays music or white noise, has a cute mobile, and is a comfy place for baby to relax.

{swaddles} My favorite swaddling clothes are those made by Aden + Anais.  Not only are they adorable, but they are soft, light weight, and really, really big ~ perfect for swaddling your little one!

{pacifiers} Every baby is different and so is each pacifier.  If you want to use pacifiers, you might have to do some experimenting to see which “binky” your little one prefers.  My first didn’t care which kind, she loved any and all pacifiers.  No. 2 didn’t want to have anything to do with any pacifier whatsoever.  No. 3 loves Soothies {my favorite as well}.  These cute little pacifiers come in different colors, different sizes, and even can come scented if you like!

{bumbo} The Bumbo is a handy baby item to have around!  It is a fun little seat that your child can use for years {my three-year-old still loves to sit in the Bumbo for fun!}.  You can even purchase a tray to attach to use for snacks or coloring or play.

{bath} There are so many different baby baths out there.  My favorite is the standard newborn to toddler bath.  It works from the time your baby is born {it has a little sling attachment for baby to lay in} to the time he or she is ready to get into the regular tub.  For all three of my kids we used the First Years Sure Comfort Newborn-to-Toddler Tub.

{diaper cream} I always make sure to have diaper cream at my changing table and in my diaper bag just in case baby’s bottom gets a little sore.  We love both Desitin and Burt’s Bees Diaper Ointment.  Whatever the brand you choose, diaper cream is a good product to have around!

{play mat} There are SO many kinds of mats for babies…tummy time mats to mats with overhead mobiles and all kinds of toys…you’ll have to choose one that fits your budget, color scheme, and needs!  Currently with No. 3 we have the Fisher-Price Deluxe Musical Mobile Gym.  I like the mobile feature and all of the fun toys it came with, not to mention the great colors and adorable animals!

{teething toys} A very popular baby toy currently is Sophie le Giraffe {and for a good reason}!  She is cute, makes fun squeaking noises, and babies seem to love her!

{thermometer} We love our Exergen Temporal Scanner Infared Thermometer.  It’s about as simple as pressing a button and rubbing the thermometer across baby’s forehead!


Tomorrow I will share some of my favorite items for feeding time!



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