baby must-haves for the first year {part I} nursery

When I think back to baby no. 1, I remember how clueless I was about what I would need for a newborn baby {and how MUCH I would need}.  Luckily, I had wonderful family and friends who went to register with my husband and me and we figured it out.  I know how overwhelming registering for the first time can be, so I compiled a list of some of my favorite baby products {some that are absolutely necessary, some that just make life easier!} to use in your little one’s first year.  This is by no means an all-inclusive list, it’s simply a place to start!  Enjoy!

for the nursery[pinit]

{white noise machine} I love my white noise machine, and so have each of my babies!  Not only does it create soothing background noise that seems to help them sleep, but it blocks out the noise from the rest of the house.  I love that mine has an option to plug in, so that it can run all night, or through an entire nap if I want it to.  We own The First Years Sounds for Silence Nursery Sound Machine.  Not only does this machine have a variety of different “white” noises, it also plays lullaby music.  You can crank the volume way up, or keep it on low.  There is also a sleep function that will turn it off after an hour.  First Years also make a “premium” sound machine that allows you to plug in an MP3 player.

{diaper pail} While diaper pails may just be fancy trash cans and are not absolutely necessary, I found it very convenient to have my Diaper Genie Elite in the nursery! Why? 1) I don’t have to run to the trash can each time I change a diaper and 2) since the dirty diaper smell stays trapped inside, I don’t have to take out the trash so often!  I use the Genie for poopy diapers only so I don’t go through the pricey refills quite as quickly.

{baby monitor} Baby monitors have come a LONG way since I had my first daughter eight years ago.  You can now purchase a simple monitor that plays sound only, or you can buy one of the fancy new ones that has a camera and sometimes even a sensor mat to let you know if your baby is moving…you can even see baby on your phone with the right technology!  Prices range anywhere from $30 – $230 {and more!}, so price may play a factor in the monitor you choose.  We have a really old monitor that only lets us hear what is going on in the baby’s room, but it works for us!  The Bump has a great article that gives information on a variety of different monitors and maybe helpful to you in choosing the right monitor for you!

{mobile} I love our Fisher Price Precious Planet 2-in-1 Projection Mobile!  It plays music, spins, and projects images under a cute umbrella.  It even comes with a little remote to start and stop the mobile.  We also have an adorable elephant mobile.  This one is more for looks, but it does play music for a little while if you wind it up.

{glider/rocker}  I have always wanted a big, comfy glider or rocker, but my budget has never allowed it.  I do have a glider that is very comfy and has held up great through three kids.  The point here is that it is nice to have a chair in the nursery that you can sit in to comfort, cuddle, and love your little one.

{nap nanny} This product has been recalled, however it works wonders for a baby who does not want to nap!  If used properly, I believe it can provide parents with some much needed and well deserved breaks!

{changing pad & cover} We have a comfy changing pad and a beautiful, soft cover on our changing table.  Since you’ll be changing a lot of diapers, might as well change them in style!

{humidifier} Humidifiers are useful for baby when he gets a stuffy nose, or even beforehand for mommy when she is pregnant.  I personally use ours for our older kids all the time when they get sick!


Check back tomorrow for some of my favorites for baby!




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