the baby world {then and now}

Even though I am a mommy of three, I am by NO means an expert on all things mom and baby related.


I learn things about mommy-hood daily!  I feel like I am kept on my toes since the baby world seems to change so often.  My first and my third are eight years apart, so the changes I experienced from No. 1 to No. 3.  were pretty dramatic!  Here’s what I mean…

When No. 1 was a baby, we were told to clean the umbilical cord with alcohol swabs.  With No. 3, we were supposed to leave it alone!
When No. 1 was a baby, crib bumpers supposedly helped keep a baby safe and secure in the crib.  With No. 3, according to “experts” they’re suddenly a suffocation hazard.
When No. 1 was a baby, there were no cute footsie pajamas with those cute little animals on the feet.  With No. 3, not only are pajama feet made to look like cute animals, but there are adorable little pictures on the seat area as well!
With No. 1, baby could face forward in the car seat at one year.  With No. 3, we are supposed to keep baby facing backward for, gasp! TWO YEARS!
With No. 1 we struggled to find a comfortable stroller that was tall enough for me to push without stooping over.  With No. 3 we have a fabulous, wonderful B.O.B. stroller that is not only easy to push, but feels like it was MADE for a tall person!
With No. 1 it was perfectly fine to give cold medicine {with doctor’s recommendation of course}.  With No. 3, we are not supposed to give medicine for a cold for YEARS.
With No. 1 it was recommended that we have baby sleep on her side.  With No. 3, baby must only sleep on his back for a year.

I could go on, but these were the big changes for me,  some of them small, some of them pretty significant.  If things have changed this much in the eight years I have been having kids, it is amazing to think about how much the baby world has changed since I was a baby and since my parents were babies.  The funny thing is that “experts” make these changes “for our own good” or “for our safety,” yet my first-born made it out of infancy just fine…so did I…so did my parents…and their parents before them…I just find it interesting, that’s all!

Check back next week for a great list of items I think will help you through that crazy, hectic, wonderful first year {just a warning: the things I suggest may be out of date by the time I post since the baby world IS changing so quickly! Sense the sarcasm? 😉 }

Talk to you next week,



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