triangle flag garland {tutorial}

While searching the Internet trying to figure out how to decorate for my daughter’s third birthday without spending much money, I came across this image…

…along with a great tutorial for making a fabric flag garland.  I, however, did not have fabric and do not own a sewing machine {although I am beginning to think it might be fun to try…}.  What I do have is A LOT of scrapbook paper.  I searched through my craft supplies and found some cute paper that matched the napkins I had already selected.  I was set and you can be too with four simple supplies…

Here is what you will need:


{scrapbook paper – I used card stock, but any cute paper will work just fine!}

{twine – I used black & white bakers twine that I had from a previous project}


{clear tape}

STEP ONE: Cut the paper into strips the size you would like your triangle flags to be {I made my strips different sizes so I could make different size flags}.


STEP TWO: Cut on diagonals to create triangle-shaped flags {I did not measure, I just cut away!}.



Repeat until all your flags are cut.


STEP THREE: Lay out your twine and space flags along the length of it {again, I did not measure, I just eye-balled it!}


STEP FOUR: Place a small piece of tape under the twine where you want a flag to go


STEP FIVE: Press the flag on top of the tape with the top of the flag lined up with the twine


STEP SIX: Fold the tape over the top of the twin and flag, then press down.


STEP SEVEN: Repeat for all flags, cut twin, and ta da!  A quick flag garland to hang anywhere you like!



What kinds of garlands have you made?



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