great books for moms

I loved being pregnant.

I love being a mommy.

I love to read.

As a mommy of three I am always learning new things about my children and about being a mom.  I love getting advice from people who have been there before me and have wisdom to offer.  Reading books about other moms makes me feel like I AM NOT ALONE!

Here are some of my favorite books for moms…they are about both pregnancy and mommy-hood.  Some of the stories are serious, some are hilarious and outrageous, others are Christ-centered…but all of them are true.  If you decide to read even just one, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

great books for moms

{No. 1 Down Came the Rain – Brooke Shields}{No. 2 Things Good Mothers Know – Alexandra Stoddard}{No. 3 Five Conversations You Must Have With Your Son – Vicki Courtney}{No. 4 Five Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter – Vicki Courtney}{No. 5 How to Rock Your Baby – Erin Bried}{No. 6 What to Expect When You’re Expecting – Heidi Murkoff}{No. 7 Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff for Moms – Kristine Carlson}{No. 8 The Mommy Diaries}{No. 9 Belly Laughs – Jenny McCarthy}{No. 10 Baby Laughs – Jenny McCarthy}




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