giddy up! a horse themed birthday on a budget

I absolutely love planning birthday parties for my kids.  I love creating the invitation, the decorations, and making the food.

When my second little one asked for a “horsey” birthday this year I wasn’t quite sure how I would do it.  Her baby brother was born about five weeks before her birthday.  I knew I would be very busy with a newborn baby and since I was on maternity leave, I also knew I would have to be very frugal!  To top it off, Easter was very early this year {the day after her party!}.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to throw together a big party, so we decided on a small family dinner.  Instead of going crazy with the theme like I have in the past, I chose a few areas to implement our horse theme in order to make the atmosphere festive.  I kept decorations and food very simple and homemade.  I searched my home for things I already had and was able to pull together everything except the paper plates!

I first found napkins I purchased a year ago for another party and had never used.  I liked the pretty red, pink, navy, and yellow colors, so I took the colors in the napkin as my inspiration and went from there!DSC_0040

I searched my scrapbook stash and made little flag banners held together with black and white baking twine I had from my pumpkin gender reveal party last October.  I found a cute old red and white picnic tin, pulled out some of my mason jars, tied them with the black and white baking twine, and used them to hold the utensils.

DSC_0050          DSC_0045

I used beautiful Breyer horses for decoration on the table along with a straw table runner from Target, a cute brown gingham table cloth I purchased from a local country general store…

DSC_0048          DSC_0049

…and a “sunburst” sign for the middle of the table I created using the leftover flag pieces and a label I made in Microsoft Word with “Caitlyn is 3” in the center.


I made a simple sheet cake {basic yellow cake with a chocolate frosting} and decorated it with small horse figures.

We have a wonderful and generous family who helped with the food.  All Caitlyn wanted were “spaghetti, strawberries, and a horsey cake,” but we added a beautiful green salad, some garlic bread, and a pretty tray of strawberries and blueberries.



I then created a fun little “water trough” sign to put next to the water.  That was that!  A simple horse party on a budget for my beautiful little three-year-old.

During the party Caitlyn came up to me, gave me a hug, and said, “mommy, this is the best birthday ever!”  It melted my heart and helped me to remember that the decorations are not the most important part of a birthday party… the most important thing is spending time with family to celebrate the birth of God’s little blessing in our lives!




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