Photos for Father's Day

This year for Father’s Day I decided to be a fabulous wife and surprise my busy husband with the gift of a weekend away, just the two of us.  I got it all booked: A room and a round of golf at the fabulous Ojai Valley Inn and Spa…how fun!

…but wait!!!

This is FATHER’S day.  Shouldn’t our girls be the ones giving their daddy something special?  Since I already spent more than enough on this terrific daddy’s day treat, I needed to figure out something on a budget.  Where did I turn?  Pinterest, of course!  After just a few minutes I came across this adorable picture.  It looked pretty simple.  All I would need…

{A photo of each of my girls}

{Two picture frames}

{Quotes of things they love from each of my girls}

I quickly flipped through all of my recent photos, selected one of each of the girls, opened them up in, added some text and viola!  Instant gifts for daddy.  The girls had so much fun coming up with the things they love to include on their pictures.  I especially cracked up when my seven-year-old reported very seriously that she loves the song “Party Rock Anthem.”

When daddy opened up his presents, the girls  had a great time showing them off.  In the end, the simple pictures of the girls were a bigger hit than the weekend away.  Life was as it should be.

What are your fun, creative or different Father’s Day gift ideas?



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